Avocado Breakfast Burrito
Yield: 4 burritos

4 flour tortillas (about 11 inches in diameter)
½ cup diced red bell pepper
½ cup diced green bell pepper
1/3 cup chopped onion
3 tablespoon butter
8 eggs
¼ tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
1/2 cup of cooked, crispy bacon
1 avocado (8 ounces), diced
½ Cup shredded Pepper Jack cheese
Garnish with salsa, sour cream and cilantro

Wrap tortillas in foil; warm in a 400 degree F oven. While the tortillas heat, sauté bell pepper and onion in butter until soft, about 5 minutes. Meanwhile beat together eggs and salt and black pepper. When vegetables are done, pour egg into pan, add cooked crispy bacon. Cook, over medium-low heat, stirring constantly, until soft curds form, about 3 minutes. Put 1/4 of the egg mixture down the center of one warmed tortilla; add some avacado and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons cheese . Fold in top and bottom of each tortilla. Roll up from side. Repeat with each tortilla. Garnish each burrito with a spoonful of salsa, a dollop of sour cream and cilantro.

NOTE: I used a panini press for the burrito as shown in the picture. However, if you decide to use it, do not add the avacado, instead garnish the burrito with the avacado.

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Comment by Leo on August 21, 2009 at 7:18pm
Hi Kirk! I sure do have a panini press, it's one of my vital kitchen gadgets! Yes, I love my panini press, it makes food taste much better, especially all my sandwiches! Thanks for the idea, I am not sure where I had it like you mentioned but I remember it was nice and crispy....Oh yah, YUMMY!!!

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