So, here's the story...

My landlady is a middle-aged Polish woman who's way into everything holistic. Ever since I moved into my home two months ago she's been on me to try Kangen water. For those unfamiliar Kangen water is processed through a special machine that separates the negative and positive ions. The negatively charged water is meant for drinking, while the positively charged water is used for washing your face and watering your plants. The theory is that since we are exposed to so many positively charged ions, our bodies need the negative ion water.

I did a little research on the subject and found everything from people who said it's a bunch of hogwash to folks who claim it's cured them of everything from allergies and headaches to more severe illnesses.

Two days ago my landlady brings me a gallon of this Kangen water to try. The first thing I noticed was how deliciously clean it tasted. For lack of a better way to put it, Kangen water is extremely easy to drink. I made my coffee with it the last two mornings and I can't remember it ever tasting so delicious.

But here's what's strange. My energy and mental focus has been through the roof. For anyone who knows me, you know that I'm naturally high energy and quite focused on everything I do. For the last two days I've been operating at an entirely different level. Coincidence? I don't know, as energy and focus are two of the things Kangen lovers boast about. BTW, I should also mention that all of the foliage around my home is watered with Kangen water. You should see this place. It looks like Hawaii.

I'm just wondering if there's anyone in our community who's familiar with Kangen water? If so, please let me know your thoughts.

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Dude. Kirk. I'm really sorry to be the one to tell you this, but it's for your own good.

We're middle aged.
Nothing in Wikipedia

It does however link to a site

They have an article on water PH that is linked to by Wikipedia -

But then there are sites out there like this one that have nothing good to say about it.

There is nothing on Snopes about it.

That's what I found as well, Neil. There's both good and bad reports out there. I'm wondering if anyone has any personal experiences with it
W.C. Fields had a great line about water....." I never drink make love in it!"
Ha! This water has been cleaned of fish yuk :)
Get out! Where do you get this water? You sure it isn't psychsomatic?

You have to by the Kangen machine... and it ain't cheep. I think what I'm gonna do is pillage more bottles of water from my landlady, and form my own opinion before I go making a hasty purchase. So far, I have to say I freaking love it. She claims there are several chefs out there who are doing ALL of their cooking with Kangen water. Apparently it's awesome for making rice and pasta, and anything else you'd cook in water. All I know is that it I've enjoyed drinking it and it's made my coffee taste great!. We'll see if I can maintain the energy and vitality.
My girlfriend's daughter works for a chiropractor in the valley who has the Kangen filter and, of course, sells the Kangen water and filters. My gf brought me 2 gallons that we all drank for a few days and used for cooking - didn't really notice any difference in mental clarity or energy but I think it depends on the physical and mental condition you start in. Also, what kind of meds you may be taking.

The chiropractor sent a book along on the subject, interesting until we got to the chapter on price - WOW! - more than a reverse osmosis system for the house.

I believe there is a shop at Anza and Del Amo Blvd that sells Kangen water. Drinking well filtered water can't be bad for you so I say try it before you make the judgement. Kirk is in great shape and very healthy so he may experience positive results sooner than someone with health problems or taking a lot of meds.

Keep us posted, Kirk.
Hi Janet!!

How's life treating you?

You may be right. Since I'm not on any meds, and I keep myself really fit, I may have experienced some quicker than normal results. That said it was some really delicious water. The price of that filter is an issue, though. Gonna keep pilfering water from my landlady till I make a decision :)

Take care and I hope to see you soon.

My wife and I have been starting to research the different water ionizers on the market. Of course, each manufacturer claims to be the best. I have been leaning towards the Tyent system. Made in the USA, not a multi level marketing scheme (I have read Kangen runs eight levels deep hence the $4000 price tag for all eight to make a commission), better price point, newer internal technology and more efficient power supply to name a few. Kangen claims to be higher in power, more like highest in power consumption with old technology. As in anything, we all want the best when purchasing something. I am trying to take out the $4000 price factor when comparing the units. The higher price something is the better it seems. Kangen claims to be the only one that is classified as a medical device if you talk to the a MLM sales rep. This is not true. The Kangen requires a solution to be added, or should I say a chemical! Why would I want to add a chemical to my water??? Look into the laundry list of stipulations on return policy and product warranty for the Kangen unit. The more I research and read online the more the Kangen seems like a scam. I am sure it works just as well as the Tyent and Jupiter products but why the OUTRAGEOUS price? You may hear a Kangen MLM sales rep tell you because the plates in the other units are not smooth the metal flaked off and the water poisoned a women. Show the the evidence backing the scare tactic. Kangen has done an amazing job convincing the MLM sales reps on the miracles of Kangen water that when they give you a demo the rep truly believes everything they are telling you. In my opinion there is no such thing as Kangen water, it is ionized alkaline water similar to the rest of the units on the market. I hope I am right, lol. $1800 is a lot to spend and be wrong.

Here is the Tyent website:

If you have more cross referenced research between the units on the market please share. Thank you.

Best of luck to those researching a unit for your home,
Check out this unbiased website for those considering a water ionizer for the home:

Correction to my previous post, Tyent is not Made in the USA. Sorry.

Best Regards,


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